Technical Principle of Food Extrusion


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Technical Principle of Food Extrusion

Puffed food, also known as extruded food, explosive food and portable food abroad, is a new type of food developed internationally in recent years. It uses cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables and other raw materials, through the processing of puffing equipment, to produce a variety of delicate shape, rich nutrition, crisp and fragrant food. Therefore, a unique form of food has been formed.

Principle of Food Extrusion Technology: The food extrusion mechanism is that the material containing certain moisture is pushed by screw in the sleeve of extruder, and the reverse retardation of unloading die or throttling device (such as reverse screw) in the sleeve. At the same time, it is also heated from outside or the internal friction between material and screw and sleeve. Thermal heating effect, the result of this comprehensive effect makes the material in a state of high pressure up to 3~8 MPA and high temperature around 200. Such a high pressure exceeds the saturated vapor pressure at the extrusion temperature, so that the water in the sleeve of the food extruder will not evaporate and boil and present a state of melting. Once the material is extruded from the die port, the pressure will be higher than the saturated vapor pressure at the extrusion temperature. The force suddenly drops to normal pressure, the water evaporates sharply, the product expands accordingly, the water loses from the material, and takes away a lot of heat, so that the material quickly drops from the high temperature of extrusion to about 80 C in an instant, so that the material solidifies and forms, and keeps the shape when it expands.

Because of puff snack processing machine's simple structure, easy operation, less investment and fast income, the equipment for producing puffed food has developed very rapidly and showed great vitality.

equipment for producing puffed food

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