Hot sale pet food extruder model


Hot sale pet food extruder model

The pet food extruder is divided into various specifications according to the required output: Pet food from 120kg/h-10t/h models have DSE65, DSE70, DSE85, DSE90, DSE95,DSE115, DSE135, etc. Dog food production line includes Mixing system; Extrusion system; Drying system; Seasoning system, Packaging system.

Pet food Production Advantage:

1. The motor of our dry pet food machine is Siemens Motor.

2. The raw material of  dry pet food machine is Stainless Steel.

3. Our dry pet food machine is controlled by frequency converter, which is easy to operate and stable in operation. The pet food made is uniform, smooth and free of burrs.

4. Our factory will send our engineer to install machines for you.

5. Dry pet food machine have the 12 months guarantee time.

6. Dry pet food machine is multi-function. Many types of snacks and animal feed can be manufactured by changing the die head and model. 

pet food extruder

pet food production

Dog food production line

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